GoIP8 – 8 Port

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GoIP8 – 8 Port


The GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal  8 ports Gateway GoIP8 is a  8 SIM Card Broadband Phone Gateway that had been developed by CHINA SKYLINE Ltd. GoIP_8 SIM Card Broadband Phone Gateway is a new product that connect the GSM 

    • LINUX OS
    • Built-in HTTP Web Server
    • PPPoE Dial-up
    • NAT Broadband Router Functions
    • DHCP Client
    • DHCP Server
    • Firmware On-line upgrade
    • PSTN Caller ID transmit
    • Multiple Language Support
    • Supported call divert
    • Supported PSTN auto call out to PSTN
    • Supported Multi_devices Cooperate Mode(Group Mode)
    • Supported SMS call out
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