What is a call center?

It is the customer service department in any company or institution that specializes in dealing with incoming and outgoing calls to and from the customer.

1- Incoming calls from customers by answering these calls, dealing with complaints and inquiries about the company, and following up on after-sales services.

2- Outgoing calls, where the call center makes outgoing calls to potential customers or current customers in the company, whether for the purpose of marketing or a survey. Satisfaction with the company’s services.

Who needs call center services?

After we learned about what a call center is in detail, you can now easily know who needs call center services. There are many companies that need a call center, for example, the sales department in every company or organization that needs call center services, and there are even entire companies based on Telemarketing services for this reason, the call center is the basis for working inside it, and there are other types of companies such as the following:

  • Shipping and delivery companies.
  • Evaluation and follow-up department in large companies.
  • Poll companies and opinion polls.
  • Not-for-profit institutions.
  • Marketing companies.
  • Customer service departments in banks.
  • Marketing research companies
  • All maintenance departments in electrical appliance companies.

The mechanism of work within the call center departments or companies lies in the speed of answering the phones related to the activity of each company or the accuracy and effectiveness of making the phone calls required to be made by the call center.

What are the types of call center ?

There are three types, the most well-known and dedicated to all call centers or “call centers”, they are simplified categorized as follows:

  • Mixed call center.
  • The call center for outgoing calls.
  • Call Center specializes in incoming calls.

Given the importance of the role that the call center or the call center plays for each company, as it is responsible for dealing with customers of all kinds, the previous types must be available and the staff of each department should be taken care of, so I will explain each of the types separately.

The call center can be internally within the company and affiliated with the human resources employee of the company itself, and it can also be pledged to a competent third party, where companies rent a call center from a specialized external company, so that the company saves large amounts of its budget, which it obliges to spend on its employees The call center department and its management and providing a place and equipment for them, but on the other hand, in order to avoid falling into the defects of this type of call center, the company or institution must choose a company that specializes in the call center with a great deal of competence, training and proficiency in dealing with the special circumstances and problems faced by its Call Center’s employees ..

What is the importance of having a call center ?

Of course, the presence of a call center is of paramount importance for every company, as it is considered the largest contributor to the formation of the company’s reputation and the establishment of long-term relationships with existing customers in addition to attracting potential customers and increasing the company’s sales and thus reaching the highest customer satisfaction rate on the company’s services.

There are many examples of companies that need to make a call center for their services, such as: airlines, telecommunications companies, banks, car companies, electrical appliance companies and all B2C companies.