PBX Phone System

In your work, you need what provides you with excellent communications with its quality and features, and this is what you can get PBX system

It comes from the PBX system service from Ittisali, which provides you with the highest standards of quality and features, the most important of which are:

One year warranty.

One month free technical support.

In addition to the technical and service advantages of PBX system, which are:

The ability to connect with telecom networks (Asia, Zain, Korek).

The presence of an automated answering machine (IVR): an audio recording that is heard when the call is received to direct the caller to the relevant department for service.

CDR reports with history of incoming and outgoing calls.

Call recording (at least 100 hours).

Support conference call (audio or video).

A call directed to more than one line at the same time.

Voice announcement and intercom for certain internal numbers.

Voice mail: by leaving a voice message when working or not answering.

Convert voicemail to email.

The possibility of linking several branches by wire, wireless or via the Internet.

The ability to communicate via mobile or tablet applications or calculator to communicate.

Voice or written communication from your website.

The possibility of linking the PBX with the systems of speakers, cameras and electronic locks for control and monitoring.

Calling and receiving calls from cellular networks via an internal number and vice versa.

Availability of wireless and video phones.