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Ittisali is the first Iraqi company for call centers and Ip phones in Iraq that provides its customers with integrated services from responding to requests and customer inquiries with marketing experience that extends for years of work.
The company provides its services in Iraq through two centers in Baghdad and Erbil and seeks to develop work techniques and performance of services to the highest possible level in order to gain customer satisfaction and help them increase their sales and facilitate their communication with customers


Our projects

We work to distinguish our customers from their competitors

Depend in your work on Ittisali

Your dependence on Ittisali provides you

wider spread

With the marketing and call center services from Ittisali, your business will reach more customers and you will achieve a wider spread that increases your profits and leads you to your goal.

shortening time

With Ittisali services, you can have video meetings from anywhere, thus shortening time and distances, conducting your meetings with all branches and employees, and staying close to their performance.

ease of work

When you choose to work with Ittisali Ip phones, you guarantee your business ease of communication, receiving, recording and transferring calls, and a large number of important features for your business.

Work according to plan

We do not rely in our work on randomness, we develop marketing plans with the nature of your business and your budget to ensure you the maximum possible success with our specialized team.


We help you develop your business and achieve distinction

with Ittisali services contact the world and customers easily and easily

In our group of services, we are interested in providing you with the best, most complete and optimal

To help you in your work, make it easier, more successful and disciplined.

اترك لنا بريدك الإلكتروني واسمك وسنوافيك بكل ما تحتاجه من تفاصيل وعروض خدمات

How we work in Ittisali?

We plan and work.. and you will reap the results

Collect data

We collect the necessary information to provide the service and coordinate it in a way that makes it easier and more useful to use.



One of the most important steps for the right work is to develop a plan for it that includes the goals, possible means and the way of work.



At this stage, we start our work and determine the appropriate staff and timing, based on the information we have collected and what we have put in the plan.



In this step, the client participates with us in reaping the results of the work, receiving more clients and meeting their requirements.

our customers

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