Digital marketing

Digital marketing today is one of the most important elements of business expansion and spread and its reach to the largest number of customers. The electronic presence today is no longer just a virtual world for business, but it has become a value on the ground for everyone who wants continuity and strength for their work.

Ittisali company provides digital marketing service through the following matters:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

What is meant is the process of improving the website to appear in the first search results in search engines such as Google, and this depends on the presence of keywords within your web page, which makes it stronger and appears more for those who search for it, and thus increases the chances of your site appearing to customers and thus attracting them to your service.

Click to Call/Chat​ service

We mean a type of digital communication where a person presses a button on the website to communicate with a customer service employee by voice and writing at the same time, and communication can occur through free communications via the Internet, SMS or VOIP and this helps you to:

Gather more information about customers and know their inquiries and needs.
Find out where your customer’s website journey ends and what problems they are facing.
Know more about the categories of customers.
Providing superior customer service because of knowing their needs.
Save money and increase revenue.


Content Marketing

It is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and publishing meaningful, valuable content with the goal of attracting a defined and clear audience that helps you:

Improve revenue and achieve more sales.
Get more visitors.
Building a strong relationship with clients.
Successful search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Lower marketing costs.

Successful social media management.

Managing social media pages

This service includes:
Design photos and videos.
Content writing.
Posting on social media pages.
Reply to messages and comments on social networking pages.
Paid campaign management.

Message campaigns

Message campaigns by choosing your target group include:

Campaign messages via WhatsApp (written, picture, videos).
Campaign via Viber (written, visual, videos).
SMS campaign (text messages only).