Call center

We offer in Ittisali company one of the most important services that customers request and that helps them develop its our call center b2b services

their work and communication with their customers, and at our service: Our center works in Ittisali on three periods and on a full time

24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

The first period: morning (from 8 am to 4 pm).
The second period: evening (from 4 pm to 12 pm).
The third period: night (from 12 pm to 8 am).

International Standards

copc Customer Experience standard Certified



There is a standard for executing calls and timings for each operation.
Monitoring recordings and real-time calls by the quality team.
The presence of automated monitoring systems programmed into the system to track certain sentences and the high pitch of the voice.
Recording points and weights for employees to increase the speed and quality of tasks.
Separate the services provided to obtain high standards (services, complaints, sales).
Use of monitoring and time management systems.


Call Recording


To ensure the quality of service provided by the staff responding to customers.
Evaluate the performance of employees, determine what they need for training, evaluate performance on a regular basis, and determine the extent of their response to training.
A tool through which we can modify the performance style and procedures that are followed while dealing with the customer.
Eliminate the problem of discrepancy in the transmission of information that causes loss of customers.
Keep recorded and archived copies of phone calls




Number of answered calls and their details Number of missed calls and their details and reason for not answering
Average time per call per employee.
Total time of calls answered.
A graph of this data at spaced intervals.
Average execution time for each task


Other systems

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
Vehicle Tracking System
Ticketing System
Reservation system
Social media management
Outgoing calls


Contacting the customer for the purpose of (answering inquiries and requests, surveying opinions, reporting the latest services, following up on customers)


Incoming calls


Answer calls for the purpose (inquiries,
Requests, complaints, services, maintenance, sales).


Telephone Marketing

Telemarketing is a type of direct marketing where our call center services team communicates with your customers to sell or market your products over the phone.

Our employees provide them with the necessary information and clarify the ways to benefit from the product by studying the need and requirements. We use different strategies to complete the sales process according to the nature of the customer, the most important of which is ‘cold calling’, in addition to other methods that include persuasion and psychological influence on the customer to purchase the product or service.

It is divided into several types, including:

Outbound Marketing Communication: Our agents contact your potential and existing customers to promote or sell the product.
Inbound Marketing Communication: Our agents deal with incoming calls from callers after launching marketing campaigns.
Telemarketing for other companies: In this type of marketing, more emphasis is placed on establishing relationships between companies.
Telemarketing to potential and existing consumers: In this type of marketing more emphasis is placed on the benefits of the product.