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زبادة المبيعات بدون اعلانات

How do you increase your sales without marketing? Here are some smart ways to keep track of it…

How do you increase your sales without marketing? Here are some smart ways to keep track of it…. 1 – Reputation improvement: It is what people think of your company – from products and services to implementation. Why is company reputation important? It helps attract customers and keep their loyalty. People’s experiences with the business…

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why to choose outsourcing call center ?

call center outsourcing

Why call center outsourcing? The latest business stats that companies that outsource specialized businesses, generate more profits and benefits because: 1. Lower costs (exactly the opposite of what is expected). 2. Increasing the efficiency of the workforce that the specialized companies bring (because the specialized company works all its employees to accomplish the same task…

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تسيير الاعمال

Business management

Business management Ittisali guarantees you best business management and distribution of all your work without the Internet through Ittisali call center and using communications where we use several methods to facilitate business such as receiving calls and SMS and linking them together through specialized customer service systems

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اتصالي تقدم بدالات داخلية ذو جودة عالية

PBX phone system

We offer you the latest IP PBX system The latest global communication system that provides internal IP system with a guarantee for wired and wireless devices and systems that support from (10 – 1000) lines and with modern technologies Linking with WhatsApp to reduce the costs of calling and messaging Autoresponder: It is an audio…

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اتصالي كول سنتر

Customer service

The first customer service center in Iraq, no matter how important your business, your relationships with your customer are most important Call now to provide you with all the services from our center on your behalf and under your supervision (dealing with your customers calls and problems and responding to all inquiries about your business…

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تسويق الكتروني لمنتجاتك اينما كنت

Digital marketing

Digital marketing It is a section of the general marketing departments, which is a strategy used to organize the various methods of modern communication technology by transforming the virtual market into reality.

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