With Ittisali, your communication become easier and your success is closer

Ittisali company

We provide you with customer service and respond to customer requests and inquiries with commercial and marketing services

Ittisali company is the first call center and PBX system company in Iraq to provide its customers with integrated services from responding to requests and customer inquiries with marketing experience that extends for years of work.
The company provides its services in Iraq and seeks to develop work techniques and performance of services to the highest possible level in order to gain customer satisfaction and help them increase their sales and facilitate their communication with their customers

Why us

Your dependence on Ittisali services provides you with

wider spread

ease of work

shortening time

work according to plan

We help you develop your business to achieve excellence

In our group of services, we are interested in providing you with the best, most complete and optimal

Call center
We have been working in the Iraqi market since 2017, we are the first company in all call center services
Digital marketing
We have provided distinguished service to many reputable companies since 2018
PBX system
Ittisali creates system for a lot of distinct companies
Training Services
Our experience in training made us the first choice in specialized training
Consulting services
Support and consulting services for international companies
Customer Reviews
We are in constant contact with you